• Step 1


    You plan the project, we implement your ideasfor your bath and kitchen area as a unifiedconcept. We’ll work closely together with you tofind the best solution. Depending on architecturalconditions, planning is designed according toDIN specifications and technicalregulations. Any room size is possible.The combination of multiple individual modulesfor larger bath units (up to 20 m² and more) is also easy to install.


  • Step 2

    The base plate

    First of all, the basic support for the futuremodule is created: the base plate. This forms the basisof the desired bath or kitchen. Withhigh-level precision and a maximum toleranceof 3 mm for the framework, construction of themodules may begin. The base plate (various models available) including connections is optimised for the set installation depth in the future flooring.


  • Step 3

    Raw cell construction

    During this phase, future walls, ceilings, doors, andopenings are specified. Depending on classificationrequirements, various materials areused for the wall and ceilings. In this case,diverse requirements of durability,noise, and fire protection may be discussed.


  • Step 4


    Once the raw frame for the module is positioned, we beginwith the installation of electrical leads, switch boxes,and connections for supply and drainage water.We place special value on this work toensure correct production, testing, and optimalmaterial selection. Our flexible system also makesfuture renovation possible.


  • Step 5

    Interior fitting

    Once all of the supply lines have been arranged, interiorfitting may begin. According to the planningthat has been agreed to, the walls may start to be covered.Washbasins, toilets, mirrors, and lamps are allinstalled up to the last screw.


    The module is finished.


  • Step 6


    A multi-stage quality inspection featuringdifferent functionality tests follows. You now have the option to view your future bath or kitchen atour factory yourself to confirmthe high quality we promise you.


  • Step 7

    Packing and loading

    Each of our modules is enclosed with a provisoryconstruction door, packaged to resist weathering,and then prepared for transport. Ourgeographical location makes us proficient with numerousweather situations. When packaged, our modulesare able to resist heat, snow, and severe rain. They arrive by lorry safely at the building siteand may be also be stored in their packaging in the meantime for multiple weeks.


  • Step 8


    Once the first storey has been completed, themodules may be placed by crane. Our flexiblesystem also enables different variations ofinsertion; insertion is possible both directly from above in the future end position or even laterally through the building facade.The actual assembly and end installation takesapprox. 40 min. per module. Once all modules have beenplaced on the current level, the next storeymay be fitted.


  • Step 9

    Connection with the structure

    Our flexible system makes integrationwith your structure very easy. The module isset up acoustically isolated. To connect itwith the remaining structure, the moduleis pre-equipped with corresponding transferpoints (aprons, projections, retracted offsets). Afterend installation, disassembly of the provisory constructiondoor follows with replacement of the finalmodule door. Afterwards, the bath undergoes an acceptanceprocedure and is put into service after final testing.


  • Step 10

    Your bath system is finished before any other

    You may now enjoy the advantages of a finished bath or kitchen that is ready foroperation, while others still need to be screwed, drilled, sawed, and positioned.


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